Survey says millennials spend more money on coffee than retirement savings

Manila, Philippines  – Beside the evident boost that caffeine gives, the appeal of drinking a cup of coffee has somehow become a part of everyday life—or in some cases a habit—of today’s growing number of millennials.

The most popular of these caffeine-actuated drinks usually come from upscale coffee chains, which obviously, are generally served at a more high cost than regular.

Because of these circumstances, a current survey was conducted and it has discovered a connection between the millennials’ extensive coffee consumption and their infamous bad money-saving habits.

Based on the survey done by online analytics company SurveyMonkey, half of today’s people aged between 18 to 34 have spent a greater amount of their hard-earned cash on coffee than on any type of retirement investing.

Done under the direction of investing app Acorns, the survey “Money Matters” observed the spending habits of 1,900 millennials and classified the outcomes based on differing factors, including gender.

As it turns out, young ladies ended up being the more pointless group with regards to satisfying their caffeine desires.

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“A staggering 44 percent of female millennials aged 18-35 spent more on their morning fix than they did putting money aside this year,” Acorns revealed, as relayed by food review website, Munchies.

“What’s more is that this number is almost 10 percent higher than the number of millennial males with the same habit in the same time frame. This evens out to about 41 percent of all users surveyed.”

To tie up their findings, the research also gathered information in regards to the millennials’ perceived age of retirement and at what point they believe would be sufficiently enough financially to retire.

More than 41 percent of older millennials, aged 24 to 35, anticipated that they won’t be ““financially secure enough to retire until they are older than 65,” hence proving their perceived unconcerned approach towards saving money for the future.


12 travel tips for a savvy traveler

MANILA, Philippines — With traveling being the most loved pastime travelof Filipinos (and everyone else around the world), knowing how to make your get-away more fun, fruitful and pleasant is of most extreme importance.

Here are practical travel hacks that each savvy traveler ought to know:

When booking

  1. Mix and match. Check every single accessible airlines (online and offline) and figure if booking two one-way tickets will turn out less expensive than booking a round trek ticket.
  2. Look up Code Shares. This is useful in case you’re a regular customer or in case you’re going on a whole deal flight and attempting to pile on air miles.
  3. Get travel insurance. You’ll never know when it’ll prove to be useful.

When Packing

  1. Roll instead of fold. Yes, this age-old tip truly works.
  2. Bring an extra bar of soap to put inside your dirty clothing sack to keep your bag from stinking the whole trip.
  3. Put all your power cords and adaptors in a sunglass case and use pill holders or resalable sandwich bags for your jewelry and accessories. Neat, precise and simple to find!

When on board the plane

  1. Apply night cream before going on a whole deal flight to keep your skin hydrated.

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  1. On the off chance that you experience difficulty resting, approach your flight specialist for a refreshment list. Drinking something (alcoholic or something else) will help quiet you to rest.
  2. Go to the toilet before you hear the pilot’s last approach announcement to avoid the long line.

When you arrive

  1. In the event that you forgot to go to the bathroom before deplaning, head straight to the second (onwards) airport toilets because everyone will go to the first.
  2. Search for your assigned baggage carousel immediately and don’t waste time. Some airports are confusing, particularly the international hubs.
  3. Go past the money exchange counters at the air terminal. You’ll be in an ideal situation getting local money at an ATM or elsewhere in your destination.