Survey says millennials spend more money on coffee than retirement savings

Manila, Philippines  – Beside the evident boost that caffeine gives, the appeal of drinking a cup of coffee has somehow become a part of everyday life—or in some cases a habit—of today’s growing number of millennials.

The most popular of these caffeine-actuated drinks usually come from upscale coffee chains, which obviously, are generally served at a more high cost than regular.

Because of these circumstances, a current survey was conducted and it has discovered a connection between the millennials’ extensive coffee consumption and their infamous bad money-saving habits.

Based on the survey done by online analytics company SurveyMonkey, half of today’s people aged between 18 to 34 have spent a greater amount of their hard-earned cash on coffee than on any type of retirement investing.

Done under the direction of investing app Acorns, the survey “Money Matters” observed the spending habits of 1,900 millennials and classified the outcomes based on differing factors, including gender.

As it turns out, young ladies ended up being the more pointless group with regards to satisfying their caffeine desires.

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“A staggering 44 percent of female millennials aged 18-35 spent more on their morning fix than they did putting money aside this year,” Acorns revealed, as relayed by food review website, Munchies.

“What’s more is that this number is almost 10 percent higher than the number of millennial males with the same habit in the same time frame. This evens out to about 41 percent of all users surveyed.”

To tie up their findings, the research also gathered information in regards to the millennials’ perceived age of retirement and at what point they believe would be sufficiently enough financially to retire.

More than 41 percent of older millennials, aged 24 to 35, anticipated that they won’t be ““financially secure enough to retire until they are older than 65,” hence proving their perceived unconcerned approach towards saving money for the future.


Typical Filipino foods during Gatherings

Food is an important part of a Filipino culture in every special event in the Philippines; a gathering would not be complete without foods being served in the table. Food is a way of connect families, friends, or communities together.

During holiday seasons, Filipino family would do their best to come home to be able to reunite, dine and celebrate with their family members even if it would mean traveling from a far distance place.

Here are some foods you would probably notice during a typical Filipino family gathering:

pancit-sotanghon1. Pancit – a local Filipino cuisine being served on birthdays to wish the celebrant a long life and good health, they must not cut it short so that it might not corrupt the symbol.

filipino-spaghetti2. Spaghetti – in every occasion this food is always present on any Filipino table, a party favorite food enjoyed by all ages and it is easy to prepare and less expensive.

buko-salad3. Salad – this sweet treat has been a favorite dessert served on any Filipino table, it’s easy to prepare and less expensive and it has a variety of salads a family can choose to prepare.

cake4. Cakes – is one popular food served on any Filipino table during occasions like birthdays, christening and even death anniversaries, this sweet dessert is always present.

lechon5. Letchon – roasted pig has been the all-time favorite on any Filipino occasion, a gathering will not be complete without this food served on the table.

Filipinos are family-oriented people and preparing a traditional Filipino food is part of their life and culture. This is how they show how special the occasion is by preparing delicious food.

The listed foods are commonly prepared and served on any party and events in the Philippines and these foods are also seen on Christmas Eve where Filipino families gather together to celebrate the season.


Going Solo

Have you ever experience doing something that you are scared of? And when you’re thinking of doing it you got cold feet. Most of my life I’ve solo trip, woman, beachalways been with my family and I’ve never been gone far without them. So it’s really a big challenge of me when thinking of traveling alone.
When travelling to a foreign land we always consider our safety first. Being a woman, I have to consider many things before thinking on a solo trip. I have to know the safety of the area, the weather, and the common health risk.
I’ve always wanted to go to Boracay, Philippines.  But before going to the island, I did some research and I found out that Boracay is a safe place and it has plenty of fun activities to do and with cheap accommodation and delicious delicacies to enjoy. Though I am a bit scared, I took courage and went to Boracay for a weekend holiday trip. Though going there is a bit tiresome because I have to take a boat in getting there but all my exhaustion fades when I arrived on the island.
boracay, crocodile islandThe island is truly captivating just what they say. And when I finished putting my luggage in my room I went out and headed into the beach and I stared at the azure waters of Boracay. The natural wonders of the island are really amazing.  I really had fun going to the crocodile island in Boracay, I enjoyed swimming and snorkeling there. I must say that the island is like a crocodile when you look at it from a far.  And I did some shopping on D’Mall, you can find everything there that is needed at the beach like sun glass, swim wear, hats etc.
If you love eating delicious food like I do, at D’Mall there are plenty of restaurants you can choose of. I’ve tried using my right hand while eating because it’s a Filipino custom to eat using right hand. At first I thought it would be easy but I guess not, I looked ridiculous on my first try. I had fun eating chicken inasal and sipping milk tea while watching the clear blue waters of Boracay . I am an addict on milk tea so I was happy to see it on the menu.  Oh BTW, if you’re looking for a reliable supplier of milk tea I recommend to visit this page.
I realize that traveling alone is an amazing adventure and it’s also a big risk to take. All I can say is that we just have to do our assignments to know what common risks on the destination we choose.