Different Kinds of Hearing Problems

hearing problemsThe best chance of preventing any kind of illness is by being aware of its causes, as well as its repercussions—this applies to all kinds of diseases and hearing problems are no different. Contrary to popular belief, hearing loss has many different factors. These are seven of the most general kind.

Occupational hearing loss is a kind of hearing problem where the inner ear is damaged through some types of work and/or entertainment. Common causes are listening to loud music for too long a period or being exposed to loud noises at work. It may seem trivial but this sort of problem is actually irreversible.

Another petty cause of hearing loss is taking certain kinds of medicine. Some forms of medication can induce ringing in the ears—a common hearing problem. If you suffer from this, you might want to see your doctor before the problem gets worse.

Ceruminosis (or more commonly known as earwax blockage) can cause hearing loss in one or both ears. It may manifest itself as partial hearing loss, a sensation of fullness in the ear, along with earache. This kind of hearing problem can be dealt with by baby-oil to soften and remove the wax (also, some pharmacies offer over-the-counter earwax removal kits).

hearing problemsSerous Otitis Media is a chronic hearing problem in which fluid is built up in the ear. If you have a fever, suffer from cold symptoms, are feeling pain, have partially lost hearing and have a “fluid” feeling in the ear, you may have this hearing problem. You may take cold medicines for a week to counteract the problem, see your doctor if symptoms carry on to more than a week after medication.

Gradual hearing loss is known as Presbycusis. The unmistakeable manifestation of this hearing problem is the progressive loss of hearing as one grows older. If this is the case, you should see your doctor for hearing aid options.

Conversely, if you suffer from a loss of hearing in one ear only, it might be Acoustic Neuroma. This hearing problem is actually a non-cancerous tumor on the hearing nerve. While, yes, the growth is non-cancerous, it would still be a god idea to see you doctor as soon as possible.

Meniere’s Disease is the most severe form of hearing problem—a serious tumor on the hearing nerve. This disease can manifest itself with bouts of nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and ringing and loss of hearing on the same ear. If you happen to have most or all of these symptoms, then you must go see a doctor right away.

While prevention is key, some of these ailments cannot be helped. In some cases, it would be wise to see a doctor as soon as possible. Do not put it off—make your appointment today!

And in the event that you have some of these symptoms, you must remember that only a doctor is qualified to diagnose your hearing problems. It’s not smart to prolong illnesses. Get help, and get well.

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