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My name is Jerome and I decide to join this site as an active contributor to share my knowledge and experiences about life, health and etc. I enjoy researching and sharing some unique kind of food that will boost our health benefits or that will improve our life style.

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I’m currently working at Leapfroggr Inc., it is a SEO and digital marketing company that is located at Philippines. Many years have gone, the company has team up with thousands of small and medium companies, all around the world. Our company purely focus on the ROI, which is why we can handle just a few projects each month to get the best results and services we can. Some of you might seen me writing some article in different sites such as about travel, entertainment and etc. Yes, your right! I do write in other sites as well. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences in life.

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Aside from being a contributor to some sites, I enjoy:

  • Playing sports such as basketball, badminton and swimming.
  • Traveling anywhere in Asia. ~ stress reliever!
  • Reading book such as business, marketing, investment and some manga!
  • Cooking is very troublesome yet I like making new dish.
  • And more!

My Favorite Tagline

  • Think it, ink it, do it and review it! ~ already forgot where I read this….LOL!

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  • Enjoy Life!