Back Exercise Equipment as Very Useful Home Gym Exercise Equipment

Are you the type of person who works at the desk for eight hours a day, five times a week? And you feel that sitting for long periods of time has started to take a toll on your posture and body, more specifically at your back? Then, you need to have a back exercise equipment to bring it back into shape.

Figure 1: back exercise equipment Back exercise equipment is one of the many components in home gyms exercise equipment, along with other common household names such as ab exercise machines and treadmills. Back exercise equipment is used to develop and strengthen the large muscle groups in the back of the body. These muscles are the trapezius, shoulders, lats and gluteus muscles.

(See Figure 1) The trapezius muscles form a triangular shape at the upper back wherein the base is located at the shoulders and the tip is along the spinal column. The lats are groups of muscles on the undersides of the trapezius and is the main support of the side body frame. The gluteus muscles are more commonly known as the buttocks.

The back exercise equipment as favorable home gyms exercise equipment is a resistance type of machine wherein the actions and routines performed are intended to contract and relax the muscles at the back. There are different kinds of this particular gym equipment and it can be categorized into two groups. There are those designed for upper back only and those that are very much useful for the lower back.

On the other hand, ab exercise equipment is semi-back exercise equipment. Its target area is the front part of the upper body such as the stomach. It is considered as semi-back since the action that involves ab exercise equipment also engage the lats and the gluteus muscles.

Typical back exercise equipment is shown in Figure 2. The weights provide the resistance and the user has the option to make it heavier or lighter. Generally, for first time users, it is recommended to use only the light ones and then proceed to the next heavier set after a few days.

The reason why a person should start with small is that the body needs to have an adjustment period. Even if you, as the potential user of this wonderful equipment, perceive that you can resist a much heavier load, the muscles in your body will get sore just after a few minutes. And the healing process can take a long time.

Figure 1: typical back exercise equipmentThere is also back exercise equipment that requires the person to seat down on a row machine. The required movement is a simulation of a rowing boat which develops the lats muscles and the shoulders. Typically, a person needs to have different sets of position to use in order to achieve a more productive result.

Should you decide to purchase one, you need to consult first a fitness expert. They are trained professionals who can assess you and to recommend what kind of equipment you might need. They might also refer you first to a general doctor to see if you do not have any physical problems such as muscle or tendon lacerations which might be unintentionally aggravated by exercise routines.

Back exercise equipment is very useful to have a stronger build and proper posture. This in turn can lessen back aches and pains usually developed from too much sitting or standing. In addition, a good back is very nice to look at and appreciate.