Title How to Eliminate Candida Infection with Candida Cleansing Diet

Candida is a natural fungus inside our bodies that is just forever lurking, waiting for our bodies to lay down its defenses and start a full blown infection. From the mouth, to the intestines, even in the vagina, Candida is surely present but in minimal levels. Overgrowth of Candida may occur when people are experiencing intense stress, when they have taken birth control pills, when they have ingested antibiotics for more than four times in a year, when they have eaten lots of sugar, when they live in humid environments, and they have had sexual intercourse with an infected partner.

colonThe colon is the main organ responsible for the internal balance of Candida. But when our in-house intestine filter system become overwhelmed and overloaded with Candida, it can no longer keep our bodies Candida-free thus making us susceptible to having an infection. The threats of Candida overgrowth continue to plague our bodies every day so it is but essential that some form of natural detoxification through the Candida cleansing diet is needed to help our bodies keep Candida in optimal and balanced levels.

Candida cleanse diet foods are a natural home remedy that helps the intestines control the amounts of Candida in the body. The foods to eat on a Candida cleanse diet are believed to starve the yeast and cause it to waste away and become eliminated from the body. Candida cleansing foods are all natural, sugar free, and unprocessed food products that are basically grouped into vegetables and fruits, probiotics, proteins, and grains.

Candida cleansing dietVegetables and fruits are essential Candida cleanse diet foods which are said to have high enzyme content that contribute to the reduction of Candida growth. They absorb the poisons from the fungi and remove it out of the body. Having a healthy amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet ensures normal Candida levels.

In the Candida cleansing diet, green leafy vegetables are best while fruits and vegetables that are high in sugar should be avoided. The bulk of each meal should be vegetables and fruits whether cooked or raw. The foods to eat on a Candida cleanse diet, which are vegetables and fruits include avocado, garlic, cabbage, berries, broccoli, turnip, okra, lime, turnip, tomato, eggplant, lemon, spinach, grapefruit, parsley, onion, and radish among others.

Probiotics is one of the good foods to eat on a Candida cleanse diet because it replenishes the good bacteria in the stomach and colon. It restores the balance in the bodies as it packs away the Candida yeast. Good live bacteria also create antifungal enzymes that eliminate Candida.

Probiotics is a Candida cleanse diet must have as it neutralizes the acidic environment caused by the Candida infection. It promotes a healthy digestive system with its numerous live good bacteria. Probiotics, which is a vital Candida cleansing food, can be found in yoghurt, soy milk, and low fat cottage cheese.

Protein foods to eat on a Candida cleanse diet should have absolutely no mold and sugar to ensure that they make the stomach full while starving the Candida. Whenever it is doable, eat only organic, non-processed meats. Proteins that are processed, smoked, vacuum-packed and not fresh should be avoided because they all filled with unhealthy preservatives. Protein food choices that should be part of the Candida cleansing diet are cooked chicken, beef, fish, and eggs.

Grains are one of the excellent foods to eat on a Candida cleanse diet because they have high fiber content, which have the ability to sweep the colon clean of Candida so they don’t have the chance to grow in large amounts. Grains because of their fibers naturally cleanse the colon of chemical toxins and heavy metals that we ingest everyday. Grains that should be included in the Candida cleanse diet are Amaranth, Buckwheat, wild and brown rice, and Millet to name a few.

Our bodies need serious assistance in the Candida detoxification department. Every effort is vital to keep our bodies Candida-free and healthy. Have a Candida cleansing diet today!