5 practical gifts for your special someone this Valentine’s Day

1122Valentine’s Day is all about making others feel loved, and celebrating love in all its forms.

A lot of boyfriends and husbands are sure to go for the standards–a bouquet of flowers, or a box of chocolates.

But instead of buying cliche gifts for Valentine’s Day, why not go out of the way to give your special someone something that has no expiration date, and will last for more than the day it takes for flowers to wither?

Here are a few practical, last-minute gifts you can give your special someone this Valentine’s Day:

1. For the health-conscious

Love is not always about surprising your other one with grand things and expensive buys, sometimes love can also be expressed by showing some concern–whether it’s about their health or whatnot.

A portable blender is one of the things you can buy your health-conscious special someone. Easy to use as it only one button away to a fresh smoothie, it can also encourage users to start drinking healthy drinks. It’s also a time-saver, and can help in whipping up quick meals.

2. For people that love to cook

If your partner is into food and dining out, perhaps it will be nice to take food addiction to another level! Buy a cookbook that is filled with scrumptious recipes so you two can learn to cook your own lunch or dinner for a romantic date in the balcony. That way, you make something out of your precious time learning new things with each other.


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3. For the neat-freaks

Personalized items are always welcome. This Valentine’s Day, pick something to customize with your partner’s name, or favorite color, movie, or film character just to give it a personal touch. A customized hygiene bag or cosmetics pouch is a good way to show your partner how much you care.

4. For those who always feel cold

If you want to keep your partner warm while you’re not around, buy a good-quality coat or blanket. This is perfect for times when you can’t be around to offer them some much-needed comfort and warmth–or those times that it’s just too cold for your warm hugs to be enough.


5. For the ladies

If you ask you lady to name her top five favorite colors, chances are, pink is on the list. So, if you’re not sure what to buy her this Valentine’s Day, go pink!

A standout is in the all-new pink gold Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Its chic and trendy color will surely match your woman’s style and personality.

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Typical Filipino foods during Gatherings

Food is an important part of a Filipino culture in every special event in the Philippines; a gathering would not be complete without foods being served in the table. Food is a way of connect families, friends, or communities together.

During holiday seasons, Filipino family would do their best to come home to be able to reunite, dine and celebrate with their family members even if it would mean traveling from a far distance place.

Here are some foods you would probably notice during a typical Filipino family gathering:

pancit-sotanghon1. Pancit – a local Filipino cuisine being served on birthdays to wish the celebrant a long life and good health, they must not cut it short so that it might not corrupt the symbol.

filipino-spaghetti2. Spaghetti – in every occasion this food is always present on any Filipino table, a party favorite food enjoyed by all ages and it is easy to prepare and less expensive.

buko-salad3. Salad – this sweet treat has been a favorite dessert served on any Filipino table, it’s easy to prepare and less expensive and it has a variety of salads a family can choose to prepare.

cake4. Cakes – is one popular food served on any Filipino table during occasions like birthdays, christening and even death anniversaries, this sweet dessert is always present.

lechon5. Letchon – roasted pig has been the all-time favorite on any Filipino occasion, a gathering will not be complete without this food served on the table.

Filipinos are family-oriented people and preparing a traditional Filipino food is part of their life and culture. This is how they show how special the occasion is by preparing delicious food.

The listed foods are commonly prepared and served on any party and events in the Philippines and these foods are also seen on Christmas Eve where Filipino families gather together to celebrate the season.