Losing Weight with the Vegetable Soup Diet

vegetable soup diet

Are you struggling with your weight? Are you looking for an effective, safe, and healthy way to lose those extra pounds? The vegetable soup diet might just be for you.

This weight loss diet enables an individual to reduce weight by getting one’s daily recommended requirement of vegetables which instantly brings various health benefits such as improved immunity, increased vitality, and enhanced overall well-being. The vegetable soup diet is an almost effortless diet regimen that is simply planned in a week with soup as the primary component together with other healthy food options. Learn the vegetable soup recipe and create a vegetable soup diet plan for yourself.

The top spot on the list for the vegetable soup diet is of course, vegetables! Any vegetable you prefer is okay just as long as it is fresh. No canned vegetables are allowed as they contain too much sodium and added preservatives.

The second important must-have for this soup diet is a food processor where you will incorporate all your favourite vegetables for easy soup making. Having a food processor will cut your preparation time to almost nothing as there’ no need for cutting or dicing. Blending the vegetables to make soups contributes greatly to losing weight because according to studies, when you consume a meal in a soup mixture it stays in the stomach longer in the stomach giving you a fuller feeling eliminating cravings.

The third essential component of the vegetable soup diet is water to keep you hydrated and to facilitate the elimination of fats and toxins in the body. Make sure to have at least eight to ten glasses of water a day. Water is vital to effective weight loss.

The vegetable soup diet should be strictly followed for seven straight days for it to be truly effective. You can choose to prepare you vegetable soup every morning for seven days or make a large batch soup to stock up on the first day and just reheat every day. Continuity is important so make sure the method of preparation you decide on will be most effective and suitable for you.

The first day of the vegetable soup diet starts with having at least two pieces of fruit except bananas together with a bowl of vegetable soup every meal. The second day consists of having green leafy vegetables, butter-less baked potato, and a bowl of the soup with each meal. On the third day, each meal should have one vegetable which is not potato and one fruit accompanied by the vegetable soup.

For variety on the fourth day, bananas and skimmed milk is combined with a bowl of soup for all the meals of the day. The maximum limit for the bananas is eight pieces while unlimited amounts of skimmed milk are allowed. Milk and bananas gives you body its much needed nutrients such as calcium, potassium, protein, and carbohydrates, which will ultimately eliminate your desire for fatty and sweet food options.

On the fifth day, the vegetable soup is merged with tomatoes and lean meat for every meal to provide the body with iron. The acid of the tomatoes need to be eliminated by drinking lots of water particularly on the fifth day. The sixth day is again a day for unlimited amounts of vegetables and fruits together with the vegetable soup.

As a reward on the seventh day, the vegetable soup can be eaten with brown rice and vegetables. Eat as much vegetable soup on this day as you can. Follow the vegetable soup diet as strictly as possible to help you lose as much as ten pounds in a week.