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 kefir grains

History of kefir

For more than 1000 years ago, people already stared to drinking kefir, drinking kefir can give us a large beneficial boost to our health benefits. Kefir is just a fermented dairy milk drink, that consist of incubated milk that is mixed with the culture bacteria called “kefiran”. It was founded in the mountains called Caucasus. Scientist has already done a proven research about the benefits of intake kefir.

The bacteria in the kefir is known as probiotics bacteria, this bacteria is famous for giving a boost for people who has problem in the digestive systems like constipation and diarrhea. It also help people to have a healthy method in losing weight without any side effect!

So what are the health benefits of kefir?

  • It has an antibiotic effects.
  • It has the ability to repel cancer cell.
  • It can help lower our cholesterol.
  • It offer a benefits in regulating our blood sugar.
  • It his very rich in giving probiotics bacteria.
  • It improves our lactose digestion.
  • It gives a large boost to our immune system
  • It has a antioxidant to keep us looking young.
  • And more!

Facts about kefir

  • Kefir is a beverage that came from fermented milk.
  • Kefir has a unique kind of flavor that can naturally be fizzy, due to the process in  fermentation.
  • Kefir can be found anywhere, it is almost similar to a traditional yogurt.
  • Kefir was discovered from the Eastern European.
  • Due to the shepherds that is traveling in the Caucasus Mountains, they named the drink in a Turkish language for “good feeling” because they are sure that this drink has a beneficial effect on their health.
  • Modern scientific research had already confirms that kefir has the ability to help, to treat and to prevent many kinds of medical conditions.

How is kefir made

  • Kefir was created from combining the 2 items milk and kefir grains then we just need to ferment it to became kefir.
  • Kefir grain was created from the mixture of a bacteria and a yeast.
  • There are main kind of mixture of bacteria that was stains in the kefir grains here are some of the example ~ acetobacter, lactobacillus, streptococcus and etc.
  • A simple method to ferment the yeast is to add sugar in the milk so it can produce a carbon dioxide and also to be about to negligible the amount of the alcohol.
  • On the other side using the milk sugar lactose we are able to ferments the bacteria.
  • I found out that some commercially kefir do have vitamin D, vitamin A and natural dietary fiber, but I don’t know if it’s natural or added only.

Milk with Kefir Grains

Difference Between Kefir And Yogurt

  • Kefir is much better compared to a traditional yogurt, the main reason for this is the difference level in probiotic concentration of it in a same amount of serving
  • A normal traditional yogurt can give us about 4-5 kinds of probiotic but a normal kefir give more than 10 different kind of good bacteria.
  • Kefir can be used for baking, drips and etc, it has the same ability as in milk. While Yogurt is very limited and we can’t use yogurt to replace milk.
  • And people who are lactose intolerant can drink kefir.

Where to buy

Opinion about the grains

  • Both are wonderful product but I prefer the milk kefir grains, simply because I can use it as a replacement for milk. For water kefir grains you need to add brown sugar, that extra calories for me so I dont like it!

Where did you learn and find our about Kefir

I discover it in facebook redirecting to a blog, people are posting it anyway and it caught my attention. I learn it through online, there are many legit site and very resources one here are some of my reference

Where can I Use kefir

As I mention kefir has many usage, for me the best use of kefir is to replace milk. I don’t think it’s the right term, it’s more like evolving the milk. There are also many blogs that teach many kinds of recipe that uses kefir, I did try them and it’s pretty good here are some of my list.

If you want to learn more about kefir try joining some groups like in facebook, yahoo groups and etc. Don’t be shy to ask, the groups are willing to share the experience they’ve learn just have the got to ask and listen.

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  1. great round up Jerome. Im personally drinking kefir more and more each week and I do feel the benefits. I just hope I could sustain it in the long run. Still getting used to it.