What in the World are Weight Loss Systems?

weight loss systemsWe have officially reached absurd proportions when it comes to weight loss terms. There’s hundreds upon hundreds of blogs that focus on losing weight and all the topics that fall under that, and it is crazy how many weight loss related terms have been coined. One particular term that baffles me is “weight loss systems.”

I have been trying to decipher this particular expression and I’ve been having quite a bit of trouble with it. So I decided that I would tackle this particular expression word for word—little crazy right? What are weight, and loss, and system, and what does it all mean together?

The first part of “weight loss systems” is probably the most weighty, no pun intended (kidding, of course I totally intended for that to happen). In today’s society, this word is top heavy with connotations—it has become a dirty word. But strictly speaking, weight simply means the measurement of your mass.

For such a simple word, the hubbub it creates when printed in the media is fantastic. Put weight in juxtaposition with a famous female and you are bound to create frenzy. Just putting that observation out there.

The second word in “weight loss systems” deals with a word that to me feels much fuller than “weight.” Loss—the implication being that something that was part of the whole has disappeared. For a four-letter word, it gives a broad spectrum of standpoints.

In connection to the first word, it usually connotes an encouraging message as people are forever obsessing about being thin. Funny how two words that are usually dreaded changes meaning when put together. But it doesn’t really help my plight in understanding what the whole terminology is about though.

So the last word in “weight loss systems” means a structure or technique and I’m leaning towards the latter. Taken together, the whole thing simply denotes methods in which to fuel the battle of the bulge. How straightforward when put in that way!

The truth is, we have been overfed so much information on how to lose weight that we are practically chewing on over processed tips. It has come to a point where the need to make new terminology in order for the facts to seem fresh and new. What does that tell us?

weight loss systemsPersonally, it tells me that enough is enough—let’s just all move on and respect each other’s choices. It also tells me to keep it all simple, people don’t want phrases that overcomplicate the process; losing weight is hard enough. It makes me feel discouraged before I even start.

So what’s the story, no story really—I just wanted to point out how complicated the business of losing weight has become, and it’s ridiculous. Weight loss systems are nothing more than a step-by-step (well, sometimes, not really) procedure telling you how to possibly be thinner but only so much as the effort that you put on it. I hope I’ve lost weight just by analyzing this phrase and making a very short point.

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